Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Funny

・I probably don't think as much as I think I do.

・Socks are (like) underwear for shoes.

・Dr. Ashworth: "Translation isn't Dishwashing"

・met a guy name Guy who knew another Guy,
asked: so did you guys hang out?

・two sheep tryin to raise a tiger..

・Monkeys groom each other while tigers groom themselves.

・Mom: "感謝主妳談戀愛了!"

・RuPaul: "we all came into this world naked, the rest of it is all drag"

~a logic teacher's reasonings~

Q: What is the plural form of moose?
A: Since goose ⇒ geese, therefore moose ⇒ meese

Q: How to make your own soy ice cream.
A: Put in some soy milk and some cream on top.